Vintage Elements, Distinctive Spirit

The latest addition to our DZ Restaurants Family is Boca Bistro, a Spanish Bistro and Tapas Bar that blends vintage Spanish elements with a distinctive contemporary spirit unique to every DZ Restaurant.

Conceptually, Boca Bistro has existed for many years and was solidified after David Zecchini traveled to Barcelona in December of 2011, where he immersed himself in Spanish culture and cuisine.

Whereas menu and fare were vital cornerstones in the development of a restaurant concept, location of a restaurant was of equal importance. When the building at 384 Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs became available; a building awash with over 150 years of Saratoga’s rich culture and history, a building whose structural design and brickwork evokes Spanish colonial architectural underpinnings, it was as if the building was fated to become the home of DZ’s fourth restaurant.

The building was built in 1864 and was first used as a grocery store by Horace H. Fonda Mr. Fonda and family resided above the store and conducted the street level grocery for a number of years.

Original red brick removed from the interior walls was re-purposed to create the brick facing on the front of the building. Pressed tin discovered under the drywall and dropped ceiling was restored by using bronze paint to give the effect of an aged patina and repositioned on the restaurant’s new ceiling.

Reclaimed wood was used to construct the tables, the wine cabinet and the glass racks over the bar. A raw and eclectic collection of lights including mason jars, Edison light bulbs, inverted garden pails and rock cages adds a warming glow to every corner of the restaurant.